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50% Sponsored Offer until 31 May 2022 – Limited Availability for Live Creative Courses

Keep safe, enjoy exclusivity & learn how to be an Interior Designer with AutoCAD, Revit and other real image programmes (perspectives, plans, elevations, sections  (Group of up to 4 with tutor), Online Skype & Zoom) 30 days Certificate £1,333 (Offer £894) or 90 days Diploma £3,999 (Offer £2,680), choose Monday to Friday & week-ends 3 hours per day 10.00am-1.00pm or 2.00pm -5.00pm or by arrangement 6.00pm-9.00pm.

Established 1999 (over 22 years), 33% Sponsored Offer until 31 May 2022 to commence May/June or July 2022 (subject to availability), Instalment payments available.

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Do you sometimes wonder how interior designers just manage to find the right solution for the rooms they design. Arranging furniture is one of the skills they have learned while taking their Diplomas.

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Room Design

Measurements and angles? Modern technology has made it much easier to lay out a room. Our online courses make it even more accessible!

Design a space as a home

My mode of life has changed. I want to enjoy every day in its entirety and be persuaded to be in the position where I am inspired and enlightened by my participation in the beautiful environment that I share with other people who are of the same mind set.

Look around, take photographs when short of time or draw your space and the objects within as you live the carefree life of permanent pleasure and leisure. Interior Design is that life, absorbing information, utilising that information creatively to add or streamline your surroundings, minimising clutter and making the space work in its own form rather than being the container for the collection of objects which take away rather than enhance the visual experience.

Make the life experience better. Remove those objects that do not improve the function of the interior machine, use colours that create smaller and warmer space or larger and cooler space, depending on the need. How about active, vibrant space, as opposed to calm and passive space?

Bring in the mix of light and shade forcing change on your perceived mood of maybe exhaustion and apathy rather than inspiring activity, movement and excitement.

Change the space with lighting, change the mood or leave the space and find the environment to fit the mood.

I do want to be a Designer influencing interior space and the practical and psychological wellbeing created by that space. I hope the client will react favourably. I want to design homes that feel good to live in and be the habitable machine of life.

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Furniture, Fittings & Equipment

F, F & E is among the main course areas you will be involved in on the Online Diploma. Dress your room with items large and small and learn the finer details to create the finishing touch.

Online Diploma in Interior Design

JJAADA Academy has been providing courses for more than 17 years. The Academy’s hands-on and real world emphasis allied with modern online learning techniques means that students will very quickly have all of the tools at their fingertips to make the correct decisions when designing the interior space.

Students of all backgrounds

We have years of experience of working with students of all backgrounds and we encourage styles from all areas of the world because that is what clients want in the real world.


Next Steps

Call us on 0207 760 7487 or email courses@jjaada.com to have a friendly discussion with one of our course advisors.

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