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Our Approach

At JJAADA Academy we have been passionate about Interior Design for more than 19 years. If you join us you will join a thriving industry with total support from online tutors who have been nurtured over many years.

Why Be an Interior Designer?

Why do you want to be an Interior Designer in London or perhaps in your own Country if you are from overseas or the European Union?

JJAADA Academy Online is one of the foremost colleges for Interior and Garden Design in London and offers a range of opportunities for a change of career for adults contemplating a new lifestyle transformation to interior design or becoming an interior decorator working with contemporary furniture, artefacts or antiques and collectibles, with up to the minute lighting technology.

Our innovative methods provide a learning or study schedule to suit each individual’s needs and commitments. Aspiring interior designers aim to work on real projects and develop technical skills which enable them to practice their chosen creative pathway to their new career. We cover all aspects of Interior Design ‘Hands On’ or with Computers and the Contemporary or Antiques areas of the Interior Design Business.

The Business of Interior Design or Decoration is part of the JJAADA Academy Online curriculum.

Interior Design and Decoration is a wide subject influencing the living environment of people who understand the mood of the space that they are participating in. A house or home is a living space functioning like a machine and the form, colour, texture within the space has a calming or active contribution to the living space.

When you learn how to look at your environment and understand what that environment can do for your senses, you can influence others with the knowledge that the designed interior space with the relevant lighting can make a real difference to the enjoyment of that space.

At JJAADA Academy Online we shall show you how to look, drawing that space and the colour, textures, furniture and fitting which will contribute to the feeling the occupants get from that space.

Why do you want to be an interior designer? Come to the JJAADA Academy Online and find out for yourself!

Next Steps

Call us on 0207 760 7487 or email us at courses@jjaada.com to have a friendly conversation with one of our online course advisors.

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